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Membership—Attendance is Key!


Attendance is a major component of membership in the

Rotary Club of Inverness.  The best way to be a good Rotarian, and

to get the most from your Rotary membership, is to

attend weekly meetings and to participate in Rotary functions.


You should try to attend your home club’s weekly meetings. You’ll be sharing fellowship with other members and staying current on our activities.


If you cannot attend a meeting, you will be billed for that meeting unless you do a makeup within two weeks [before or after the absence] and submit documentation within that time to  the Secretary. If you do not make up the missed meeting you may also be “fined” at your next club meeting [proceeds from fines go to our charitable fund].


Make-ups can include on-site or online meetings, or service at Rotary functions.


ONSITE: There are five other Rotary clubs in Citrus County. As a new member you should think about attending one of their meetings [part of your “rookie duties”], and you are always welcome to attend another club’s meeting even if it is not a makeup.


Attendance at our own club’s Board meeting also counts as a makeup. You are not limited to these and can attend any Rotary Club meeting for your make-up.  Check the Rotary International website to find clubs / meeting times anywhere in the world.


ONLINE:  There are now a number of Rotary clubs that meet primarily online and at which you can do makeups.  Here are links to several club sites popular with our members:


SERVICE PROJECT:  You may also get credit for a meeting make-up by attending a club activity or working in a club service project. Make sure your committee / project chair turns in your name to the Secretary at the conclusion of the project.


Keep at least 50% attendance to maintain an active membership.


Whenever you do a makeup at a club – whether on-site or online -- get a makeup slip. To get credit for billing, get your makeup slip to the Secretary as soon as possible within two weeks of the missed meeting, in one of three ways:

  • Email it to the Club Secretary
  • Fax it to the Club Secretary
  • Bring it to the next week’s meeting and hand it to the Club Secretary or designee


If you miss three consecutive meetings, the following may occur:

  • The Club Secretary will inform the Membership Chair and your sponsor of your absences. You will be contacted to check on your well-being, and to ask about your absences and remind you of your make up options.
  • If you continue to miss meetings following this contact, your status will be brought to the Board of Directors. You will receive a letter asking if you wish to continue as a Rotarian with the Rotary Club of Inverness.
  • If you wish to continue, the Membership Chair or designee or your sponsor will explain your options.
  • If you wish to leave the club, you may write a letter of resignation, and the Board of directors will be informed of your decision. You could be responsible for all outstanding dues and fees owed.

Another reason to attend your Rotary Club meetings –

 your friends will miss you if you don’t come!





Need to make up a Rotary meeting that you missed?  Choose an option below:




District 6950 Local Make Up Locations

District 6950 Meeting Makeups


Make Up On-Line Via the World Wide Web

   eClub One Rotary Club


Make Up Anywhere Around the World

Rotary International Make-ups